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Jeppy and Strumpet discuss WoW, FFXIV and World War Z.

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Strumpet and Jeppy discuss the good the bad and the damn right ugly of the Fall TV season.

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Jeppy and Strumpet are joined by the wonderful Salty Sláinte.

We discuss WoW, Fantasy NFL, Dr Who and Star Trek.

Enjoy :)

Welcome to the first genuine episode of The Duvet Cave.

In this episode we talk about Orange is the New Black, Heroes of Cosplay and the many joys of TV viewing in the digital world.

We bounce about a bit and touch briefly on female geeks (look out for a more indepth show in the future on that.)

We had fun and hope you enjoy listening. Please follow us on Twitter and join the conversation.

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Episode Stuff.

Orange is the New Black -
Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope -

Holly Conrad & Jessica Merizan -
The Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay - (not great quality)


Episode 0. Where we get to try stuff out. Talk about ourselves and what the podcast is all about. Tangents are high!